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Hello Again and Goodbye Again: Pretending Apple's neglected macOS

Hello and Goodbye: Faking the death of the Mac

Shifting the Blame: Giving Apple responsibility for the industry's choices

Marvelous Misunderstanding: Ignoring the truth about the iPhone X Plus

Unilateral Debate: The notch isn’t the iPad’s only option

Sub-Average Analysis: The iPhone X is not failing

False Alarm: iPhone X forecasts were just a wee bit off

Ignorance is Bliss: Apple, stop telling us facts

Notch So Bad: iPhone X users don't hate their phones

All the Time in the World: Smartwatches are doing just fine

The Wrong Standards: Specs are not what make the iPhone great

Not So Fast: A new MacBook Air could be good

Notch Your Average Devices: iPhone cloners make Apple a trendsetter

Numbers are Dead: Google will win despite lower sales

Recurring Non-Problem: Cheap alternatives supposedly spell trouble for Apple

Appsolutely Ridiculous: Deriding iPad-Mac app compatibility

Spot the Difference: Smartphone similarities aren't smartphone sameness

Missing the Point: Innovation is not a checklist

Home Sweet Alexa: Getting it wrong about the HomePod

Regardless of your opinion about the HomePod, it's going to make at least something of a difference.

Tales from Another Reality: Security is now a problem

Not Buying It: "Manipulative" Apple is just an example of marketing

Your opinions about a product don't change the methods by which a company convinces people to buy it.

Twisted Standards: Don't even bother using them

Apple Doom: Shipping in 2018

Survey results aren't always as menacing as pundits would like you to believe.

Having a Meltdown: An incredibly one-sided discussion

Hyperbole? Check check check check check check check check.

Who's the Sheep? Pointless accusations against Apple

When you go this far to call someone a fanatic, maybe it's time for you to think different.

The Non-Comeback: Ruining Microsoft's phone ideas

Are we deliberately endorsing the worst possible concepts?

Misplaced Misgivings: Pretending there's a problem

The Alexa Empire: Apple's pre-loss

The Headline Factory: Putting words in Apple's mouth

Whatever Apple did not promise is sure not to happen.

ProMotion or Demotion: What Apple "needs" next year

The first car was not the best. The first computer was not the best. Clearly, the first phone to have a 120Hz refresh rate will be the best.

Market Share Mania: The same old complaints about a new device

You can tell Apple to go for market share all you want, but the company still cares about money.

Let's Talk Batterygate: Overreactions to iPhone slowdowns

The tech press has been exaggerating what Apple actually admitted to doing.

The Blame Game: Holding tech giants accountable for users' choices

Minority Report: The iPhone X loses

Why be right when you can be wrong?

Strange Requests: Asking for an Apple product that already exists

When you think about it, Apple really should make the iPad Pro.

Unsound Argumentation: The HomePod deemed inferior

Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant are enough to trump Apple’s HomePod’s superior sound quality. No, the personal assistants aren’t available for free. What gave you that idea?

Face the Facts: Apple gets too much slack

After years of having zero access to your biometric data, Apple has decided to change things up and build a database of Face ID information. Or something like that.

We’re All in This Together: Apple should please those who aren’t its customers

Unity is what really matters in the world of business. So why isn't Apple getting good survey results from everyone?

Any Day Now: Smartphone commoditization to happen soon

When you think about it hard enough and bang your head in just the right places, it makes sense.

Fun with Headlines: Giving your article a title it does nothing to prove

Citing only the facts that help prove your side isn't really proving anything.

Basically the Same: There's nothing really different about iPhones

They all make calls. They all have touchscreens. What's the difference, really?

Great Value: What you get from Android phones

The more ingredients, the better.

Away with You, Logic: Write the facts to fit your assumptions

Did you know that the word "expensive" literally means "overpriced"? Read on to find out more.

Facts: They're not how technology coverage works anymore

Sometimes you just have to look beyond the truth.

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