Notch So Bad: iPhone X users don't hate their phones

by Uluroo — 24 March 2018

The iPhone X's design has been ridiculed by just about every pundit who laid eyes on it (except the ones who used it). Did you know that another company out-notched Apple? (Disclaimer: not really.) The next round of criticism of the iPhone X comes with a package of deluxe Essential oils and wow that pun really failed.

Writing for TechRepublic, Jack Wallen explains "Why iPhone X users hate the notch design and what Apple could have done better."

Here's a random headline Uluroo pulled from his headlines bowl:

"iPhone X users don’t even notice the notch that Android fans seem to hate so much."

Well! That second headline seems to disprove the core assumption of Wallen's headline: that iPhone X users actually dislike the notch. Wallen, of course, offers no evidence for his claim, but the general response (with some exceptions) to the iPhone X's design from people who have used it has been that once you get accustomed to the notch, it doesn't bother you.

Since purchasing an Essential PH-1, I've been pondering this question for quite some time now: Why all the hate for the notch? The iPhone isn't the only device with a notch on the display ... That notch (claim the naysayers) takes up precious screen space that could be dedicated to the presentation of data.

Hence the hatred for that notch.

It seems that Wallen doesn't count himself among the notch naysayers. So what's his problem with the iPhone X?

To be fair, the notch on the iPhone is significantly wider than it is on the Essential PH-1, so I might be prone to giving iPhone users a pass on the hatred for the feature.

Why is the iPhone X's notch wider?

For Apple, the notch was simply a "look." Having that notch made the iPhone stand out... And although appearance counts, aesthetics only goes so far. The functionality of the iPhone notch pales in comparison to that of the Essential PH-1.

Has Wallen heard about Face ID? That thing that lives up in the notch? It seems that he's deliberately ignoring the reason behind the X's larger notch: Face ID's sensors take up a lot of space. The Essential Phone, on the other hand, doesn't have anything to compete with Face ID. Uluroo personally thinks the iPhone X looks better overall than the Essential Phone, especially because the Essential Phone still has a sizeable lower bezel. Regardless of your opinion on the notch's appearance, it's absurd to say it was "simply a look" in Apple's mind when it houses the most advanced biometrics ever in a smartphone.

Where the iPhone notch is really only good for displaying tiny bits of information, the Essential PH-1 notch actually allows the display (in theory) to reach into that space, giving apps more room to breath.

Apps don't even display useful information in the space freed up by the "ears." The ears are only good for displaying the status bar; no one wants to have an app split in half. In games, for example, you don't tend to look to the far left of the screen in landscape mode. Even a smaller notch doesn't add functionality for full-screen apps.

... the Essential PH-1 should be considered the de facto standard notch... A poorly designed notch? Not so much.

Nobody minds the iPhone X's notch. It houses extremely useful components. The Essential Phone still has a huge bottom bezel, so its overall design isn't as symmetrical as that of the iPhone X. You can have your preference for a specific smartphone, but don't pretend your opinion is shared by the users of the device you dislike — because they don't have any problems with the notch.

So, the answer [to] the question "Why all the hate for the notch?" is simple: Apple.

A more accurate but slightly longer answer would be "Pundits who want to make unsubstantiated and absurd criticisms of Apple's devices and then ignore the users of said devices who clearly are not bothered."